Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Ok, so what the hell is going on with this story?

Police have dramatically changed their account of how the Las Vegas massacre began on Oct. 1, revealing Monday that the gunman shot a hotel security guard six minutes before opening fire on a country music concert — raising new questions about why police weren’t able to pinpoint the gunman’s location sooner.
Lombardo also revised the date on which police believe Paddock checked into Mandalay Bay. While initially they said he had checked in on Sept. 28, three days before the shooting, they now believe he checked in on Sept. 25.
Maybe I just don't understand how it works, but how the HELL do they not know when he checked in?  Clerks, cameras, charge records?

This mess just keeps getting squirrelier...


Phelps said...

Look at the photos of the room, as a shooter. All those extended bipods, all the mags stacked up neatly on the WRONG side of the column to be able to grab them from the shooting position, the lack of brass on the floor, the lack of fouling on the curtains.

That wasn't an ambush position. That was an arms deal gone wrong.

Firehand said...

That's an interesting idea

Dan said...

Add in the fact that the head of MGM which owns the Mandalay Bay sold some $10 million in stock in the weeks before the shooting and you have an even muddier picture. The whole thing stinks like last week's fish....on ice.