Tuesday, September 13, 2016

'I won't date a feminist, because why date someone who hates men?'

Feminists prove the wisdom of his decision.

When Barney Frank's then-boyfriend got a nice-paying job at Fannie Mae while Frank was on the committee regulating it, "Oh no, there's no conflict of interest, we're very careful about that."  From a vicious clown who, if it'd been a Republican doing the same thing, would've demanded trials and heads on pikes.

Same thing when John Effing Kerry's family gets large amounts of money for her foundation from the State Department Kerry runs.  Without competition, yet.

Laws and rules are for the peasants.

Koskinen should be impeached.  And tried for lying under oath.  Probably won't happen, as the Democrats in the Senate will protect the bastard.

So her excuse now is "If I don't think something is a big deal, why be bothered about me lying about it?"
Well, she doesn't think her lying about BIG things should be a problem, either.

SEEBS: journalistic integrity on display

Yes, ATF still sucks.  And until the corrupt brass and agents start getting fired and prosecuted, it won't change.

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