Friday, September 16, 2016

Governor Howler uses 'carbon credits' as a payoff

On August 1 the New York Public Service Commission (PSC), a board appointed by Cuomo, approved a Clean Energy Standard (CES). The standard mandates that New York gets 50% of its energy from carbon-neutral sources by 2030. Step number one complete.

However, the PSC didn’t stop there — that isn’t where the play ends. They still need to funnel money to their friends and make it easier next time.

So, the Commission included a “Zero Emission Credit.” Great title, but it is merely a payout to the Nuclear Power plants — a non-renewable energy — to the tune of $7 billion. Step number two complete. Step number three is that the money for those billions has to come from somewhere, and it will end up coming from everyday New Yorkers for the next 12 years. For a “progressive” Governor this is about as regressive a policy he could support. Step three complete.

Given a proposal like this it makes sense that middle-class wages are having trouble growing when they have to fight through the left’s not only misguided, but likely mal-intentioned policies. Cuomo’s attempt to sneak into the end zone will not go unnoticed.
And some more people will wind up moving out of New York.  And he'll want to raise taxes on the rest to make up for the loss, upon which more people will move...

In the 1960s, the sugar industry funded research that downplayed the risks of sugar and highlighted the hazards of fat, according to a newly published article in JAMA Internal Medicine.

The article draws on internal documents to show that an industry group called the Sugar Research Foundation wanted to "refute" concerns about sugar's possible role in heart disease. The SRF then sponsored research by Harvard scientists that did just that. The result was published in the New England Journal of Medicine in 1967, with no disclosure of the sugar industry funding.

The sugar-funded project in question was a literature review, examining a variety of studies and experiments. It suggested there were major problems with all the studies that implicated sugar, and concluded that cutting fat out of American diets was the best way to address coronary heart disease.
Some scientists pointed out that fat wasn't really a problem, sugar was; and they were just about destroyed for doing so, by other doctors who didn't want this 'settled science' questioned.

I think I need to consider a steak for dinner.

Remember Obama and Biden trying to claim 'Iraq is one of the great successes of our administration'?  Now they're trying to push one of their disasters off on someone else.

Expect screams that they aren't really 'art', and don't belong in public because they trigger people.  Or cause some other offense.
One is a searing sculpture of a woman falling through the air from the World Trade Center on 9/11. The other is a heroic bronze of an American soldier riding into battle on a horse.
The soldier on horseback will be dedicated Tuesday at its new, permanent site in Liberty Park. It’ll overlook Ground Zero and the September 11 Museum, which is exhibiting, at least for a while, the bronze known as “Tumbling Woman.”
That one will upset those who don't want anyone reminded of just what happened.  And who did it.  And this one
will piss-off those who think we should've waved and pleaded with the enemy because 'violence is always bad, but most bad when WE do it.'

Polar bears are acting like polar bears.  This is a problem when they're after your researchers.
And you'll notice the obligatory 'may be due to climate change' near the end.

SJBs are friggin' stupid.  And in positions of authority.
During a football game on Sept. 9th between predominantly white Forest Hills Central High School and predominantly black Ottawa Hills High School, as Todd Starnes reports, Forest Hills students waved a “Betsy Ross” flag as well as a pro-Donald Trump banner.

“You can’t deny the overt, intentional racism and intimidation,” said Briana Urena-Ravelo, co-founder of the Grand Rapids Black Lives Matter group. “For these white kids from a white school to bring out a flag of the colonies with the ‘Make America Great Again’ Trump flag to a game with black students on the field, it’s all very obvious."
I can not only deny it, I can call you a PC-brained idiot for saying it.
Forest Hills Public Schools Superintendent Daniel Behm wrote a letter to parents lecturing folks in the district about their “privilege” and apologizing to the inner city school. “To wave a historical version of our flag, that to some symbolizes exclusion and hate, injects hostility and confusion to an event where no one intended to do so."
Behm, you're a bitch.  And a bigoted one, at that.

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