Sunday, September 11, 2016

"We must defend the burkini! But morality squads beating people

for their attire, we don't talk about that."
Indignation and outrage is selective when it comes to defending women’s freedom of dress in France. After the international rush to the rescue of Burkini-wearers, French women donning shorts and/or sportswear, attacked as “whores” by a gang of men acting as “islamist morality police,” have attracted little solidarity from feminists and anti-racists.

Here’s what happened: For the second time in three months women have been victims of violent aggression in the French city of Toulon, allegedly because they were too scantily clad, in the minds of Muslim youth. On Sunday, a group of family cyclists and roller bladers made up of two couples, three children, and a family friend were set upon, and the adult males assaulted, by a gang of around 10 youths as they went past a public housing project.

Much like the 'feminists' who insist on respect for women, but crap all over any woman who doesn't hold the approved views, these 'feminists' won't defend women attacked by a protected species; just not done, y'know.


Tim said...

France doesn't realize it is being conquered again, this time maybe forever.

Firehand said...

I think a good many realize, but their Betters don't want to hear it. Or don't want to do anything about it.