Wednesday, September 14, 2016

And this kind of crap is why the EffingBI isn't trusted

"The Director decides what you get to see."
"The hell he does."

Sooner or later, with State, with the EffingBI, with the IRS, all of them, it's going to come down to "We don't want to obey that, and you can't make us."
"We'll see about that, we're sending some US Marshalls(or whoever) to arrest you for violating the law."

If it doesn't, they'll keep playing "We don't have to obey the law, WE'RE the (WHATEVER)!"

Comey the Incorruptible, my ass.

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Windy Wilson said...

The unexpected (?) result of the new (old) idea of administrative law.
Putting the making of the law, the executing of the law and the deciding of how the law applies, in the manner of the kings of old -- what could possibly go wrong? I just hope the legislature doesn't chicken out.