Monday, September 12, 2016

It must be nice to get away with ignoring the law, and explaining

"We'll obey it later."
The Department of Veterans Affairs over the summer quietly stopped sharing data on the quality of care at its facilities with a national database for consumers, despite a 2014 law requiring the agency to report more comprehensive statistics to the site so veterans can make informed decisions about where to seek care.
After the VA scandal, Congress passed the law mandating the VA to submit even more data. But the VA confirmed to USA TODAY last week that it stopped reporting its information July 1.

Joe Francis, director of clinical analytics and reporting at the Veterans Health Administration, said lawyers at HHS advised the VA to pull the plug until the two agencies could work out a new deal governing the sharing of information.

“It’s deeply frustrating to us, and it’s our commitment to get back online as soon as we can,” he said.
Well, guess what, Francis?  It's deeply frustrating to us that you think you can ignore the law. 

And it's deeply frustrating to hear that government lawyers told you "Stop following the law until we decide you should obey it again." 

The VA: screwing veterans daily.  And showing us what Obamacare will become.

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