Thursday, September 15, 2016

The miserable lying little shits in the White House really don't give a damn

about anything except themselves.
What percentage of illegal immigrants trying to make it across the Unites States’ southern border are stopped by the Border Patrol? According to Fox News, the Department of Homeland Security is sitting on a report which indicates the answer is just 51 percent. That figure is much lower than the official interdiction rate of 81 percent(no shit?). Fox News has background on the report:

According to Fox reporter William Lajeunesse (video below), the final report was completed in May but, at that time, “the White House domestic policy council stepped in and stopped it.” Furthermore, an unnamed source tells Lajeunesse the report is being held for, “political reasons” because it could “help elect Donald Trump.”

Jessica Vaughan from the Center for Immigration Studies tells Fox News, “It appears to me that this research could have been suppressed because it contradicts the Obama administration’s narrative that the border is secure, and it contradicts the administration’s wish for people to believe that illegal immigration is a thing of the past.”
Of course, we have to remember that Jeh Johnson is too busy insisting that 'right-wing extremists'(which is anyone who doesn't go along with what Obama and the Democrats want) are far more of a threat than the terrorists who keep promising to kill us all, or the illegal aliens bringing diseases in and all that inconsequential stuff, to be bothered with this.

DHS denies it is sitting on the report and promises it will be released in the future(say, ten years after the next election, maybe), but it did not indicate when that might happen. The taxpayer funded report is not classified and could, in theory, be released at any time.
Borrowing from Ace,
If you ever wonder why I have become very aggressive and utterly unwilling to extend the slightest sort of political amity towards our opponents, it's because I am not longer willing to play that sort of sap.

If these fuckers have decided it's Thunderdome and laws exist simply to be broken as tactics may require, then only a schmuck continues playing by Marquis de Queensbury rules.

I used to argue against that position when commenters pushed it.

No more.

I'm done. They were right.

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