Tuesday, March 29, 2016

More demonstration of what 'Higher' Education means nowadays

...One highlight of Dean Nair’s capitulation was this:
However, today’s activists and other students are growing up in a wonderfully diverse, polycultural global society that increasingly acknowledges and embraces our individual “multidimensionality” as complex beings with many identities.
And he then goes on to whine about how someone writing 'Trump 2016' in chalk so terrified and upset a bunch of snowflakes that Something Must Be Done.  And We Support Free Speech, except when someone whines that they're damaged by it, in which case it's hate speech and can't be allowed, etc.

And over at Yale,
Max Stern, the lawyer for the expelled Yale basketball captain Jack Montague, has spoken out, announcing that he will sue Yale on behalf of Montague in April, and clarifying some details in the case, including a very surprising one: that the aggrieved female did not file the sexual misconduct complaint.
The accuser waited around a year to speak to someone from Yale’s Title IX office, but decided not to file a complaint with Yale. But the Title IX officer filed a complaint.
In violation of their own rules, it seems.  Sue their ass off.

The NYeffingTimes either lies again, or they're actually stupid enough to believe this.
The AR-15, which is designed to inflict maximum casualties with rapid bursts, should never have been available for purchase by civilians.
Of course, expecting truth from these people... I think the phrase in the Soviet Union was "There is no truth in Pravda."

The other day there was a story about a Russian troop who, cut off and surrounded by a bunch of ISIS fighters, called in strikes on his own position; his name was Denis Tukhmanov.

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