Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Because actual crime is apparently so under control

that all these agencies can spare all these people- including the SWAT weenies in battle jammies*- to deal with old, minor warrants.

Idiots.  Especially with crap like this included: ...who transported another suspect with them on the trip to deliver the arrest warrant that the detectives hadn't brought along.

Speaking of idiots, the DEA is screwing even more with patients in need of painkillers they don't approve of.

Boehner II- more often known as Paul Ryan- is being primaried.  Good.  I hope they kick his ass out of that office.

Yes, people are being screwed by Obamacare.

Well, Fecesbook was acting weird before I signed off a while earlier, and now it won't let me sign on: 'Your browser isn't allowing cookies'.  Except it is, and the only damned place with a problem is Fecesbook.  No telling what they've effed-up this time.

Be it noted: bloggage will be off & on, probably more off, for a few days; stuff to do, etc.

*I am so stealing that for future use

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