Thursday, March 31, 2016

Couple of days delayed, but

another hundred rounds through the .22 conversion.  Zero problems of any kind.

I'm not nearly diligent enough about keeping count, near as I can recall that's about 800 rounds of mixed .22 through this since I lubed it with CherryBalmz, and the only failures were due to ammo without enough kick to reliably cycle the action.  More specifically  Federal Champion; it's quite accurate and reliable, but a bit light for this purpose.  It didn't reliably cycle things with any other lube I've tried, either.  Which reminds me, I need to see if I've still got any of Mr. C's Super Sekrit Gun Oil; that stuff is slick as the dickens, and if I've got some- later on- try it on this conversion with the Champion ammo, see if it's slick enough to make it work.

More detail on this, the conversion would not cycle enough to eject, let alone strip off the next round, on the first 3-4 rounds in the magazine, then it would have no problems.  Very reliably.  The pressure of the top round in the mag on the slide was enough to cause that much drag, then when the pressure dropped with less tension on the spring it was able to move all the way.

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