Monday, March 28, 2016

A couple of hours of Saturday

were spent under the house.  While back I discovered that a couple of the heating/cooling ducts had come loose from the manifold; I was able to do a temporary fix, but the way the knee was acting, that was all.  Was finally able to crawl/crouch/etc. enough to get a permanent fix done.  Then yesterday discovered why I'd caught a occasional whiff of hot anti-freeze, one of the heater hoses on the truck has a small leak; it's in a 'T' fitting right in the middle, but it's a permanent part so the whole hose will need to be replaced.  Found a place online that has a far better price- shipping included- for the same part I can get locally, so ordered that.

Now I need to get a couple of jugs of anti-freeze and distilled water while waiting for the hose to get in.

And if I have to fix that weedeater one more time, I may just shoot it and get a new one. 

Between the plumbing last month, the ducts, etc., I really don't want any more repair stuff for a while.


B said...

Dude, Black and Decker make a BATTERY POWERED unit that is the berries. You can weed eat (not brush hog) about 750 feet on one battery. comes with two.

Haven't used a gas powered one since.

Firehand said...

Model number or name?

Gerry N. said...

There's a neighborhood youngster close by who offers an automatic weed control service. He arranges to remove blackberries, thistles, nettles, bindweed, ivy, Oregon grape, dandelions and other noxious weeds and plants. This marvelous device is called a "goat".

Not only does it control weeds, it is playful and fun to have around. My six yr old pit bull bitch, "Bella", seems to think it's a big puppy and plays with and protects it. She has been trying to teach it to bury a bone, to no avail so far. BTW, the service is cheap, goat droppings are not objectionable and are pretty good fertilizer.