Thursday, December 10, 2015

These people have balls

and I hope they've got good security to go with it.  They're likely to need it.
He told “Fox & Friends” co-host Clayton Morris that members of the Muslim Reform Movement posted their declaration on mosques in the D.C.-area in a symbolic reference to Martin Luther’s reformation:
“Some of the members of our reform movement took it to the mosque in Washington, which is Saudi-affiliated, and put it on the door.
And we have video of them putting it on the door, and handing it to them and saying, ‘We want a response from you about these things; and will you sign it and join us?’
If they don’t, they’re part of the first three or four steps of radicalization and Americans need to realize that.”
Jasser added that he didn’t expect the mosque to join the movement.
Make that BIG balls.

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genericviews said...

Expect the FBI to initiate investigations against them for Hate crimes.

Pig's heads... demands for reform... it's all the same. Offensive.