Monday, December 07, 2015

Higher Education

A biology professor at the University of California, Irvine subjected his class to an off-topic discourse on gun control Thursday in response to the San Bernardino shootings.

In a video provided to Campus Reform by Peter Van Voorhis, a student in the class, Prof. Richard Symanski advises his introductory-level Biological Sciences 1A course—specifically singling out the many freshmen that he knew would be in attendance—that if they are looking for a cause with which to become involved, they should "probably jump on this gun issue," noting that it "just boggles my mind every time I think about it."
Must be nice having a captive audience, with everyone who disagrees afraid to do so because you've got control of their grades.

In response: oh, the sounds of heads exploding would be deafening...
Why do we argue about gun control when we could easily make it about gun control? Here’s what I want to hear from the best current Presidential candidate: 
Sen. Cruz: “It is an outrage…it is an abomination…that millions of Americans cannot obtain weapons with which to defend their families, while wealthy Americans can hire armed guards for themselves. And so I submit the Fairness in Firearms Act: in any jurisdiction in which law-abiding Americans are not guaranteed their 2nd Amendment rights, no private bodyguards or security firms can be so armed while defending their clients.” 

“This also applies to off-duty LEOs and military personnel. Of course, as they may be called to duty at any time, their weapons can be present but peace-bonded, kept in trunks, etc.”

The BBC is covering itself in crap again.
The BBC broadcast an obscure programme on state radio on August the 5th, on Radio 4, called “what’s the point of the MET office?”, which allowed the voice of climate skepticism onto British broadcast radio. As a result of this massive breach of BBC policy, there has been a major internal inquiry, and several BBC officials have been sent on mandatory climate re-education courses.
This is scary stuff; this is Soviet.  In once-Great Britain.

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