Wednesday, December 09, 2015

"Screw terrorism and piles of bodies, you didn't say

what I wanted you to!"
Immediately after the San Bernardino terror attack, the President of the United States was said to be initially interested in the events to the point of outright excitement for the opportunity to once again make a call for enhanced federal gun control measures – which he did.

Within hours of the attack it became clear to federal officials that Islamic terror played an integral role.
Once that was known, Mr. Obama’s enthusiasm is said to have “waned considerably.” And then when the L.A. FBI office went public with calling San Bernardino a terrorist attack, both Barack Obama and Valerie Jarrett went into “warpath mode.”
Just go read it.  I don't know about otherwise, but this FBI director seems unwilling to be a puppet, and it's driving them nuts.

And the media, again, is playing along
When Director Comey went ahead with a planned press conference on the issue, Jarrett sent Attorney General Loretta Lynch there to oversee the Director’s statements on the San Bernardino attack. Included in that press conference was a moment the Mainstream Media then attempted to hide as Jarrett operatives terminated the Director’s public comments when he moved away from his Jarrett-approved script via an attempt to open the press conference to questions from the media.

A video of that unsettling moment is still available below. You can witness it at approximately the six-minute mark:

Hey, Eric Schmidt, here's something for you to filter:  Go fuck yourself with a splintery shovel handle, you freedom-hating, PC-brained moron.


Old 1811 said...

Based on my experience during a 30+-year LE career I have no love for the FBI. They are generally arrogant and look down their noses at anyone who isn't one of them, even non-Feebs on FBI task forces.
But I never saw them bow to political pressure (unlike my agency), throw a case, or conduct a dishonest investigation.
Things may have changed since I retired, but if my choice is to believe the FBI or the White House, I'll go with the Feebs.

Toastrider said...

Aaaand the YT account for the video has been terminated. Quelle surprise.