Monday, December 07, 2015

And the same bastards behind this will wonder

why nobody trusts the cops or the prosecutors.
Cook County State's Attorney Anita Alvarez's decision not to charge a Chicago police officer who fatally shot Ronald Johnson III was made after virtually no independent investigation by her office and despite a police dashboard-camera video that shows Johnson being shot in the back while running from police, the lawyer for Johnson's family said Monday.
But Oppenheimer said several officers he took depositions from said they were allowed to watch the dash-cam video back at the Area Central police headquarters before any official reports were written. After viewing the video and seeing that Johnson had never turned, detectives filed a case report that day stating that Hernandez feared that "at any moment" Hernandez "could fire shots" at him or other officers on the scene, according to a copy of the report supplied by Oppenheimer on Monday.

Oppenheimer said the report was written in legal language that was clearly tailored to match what was in the video. "This is a cover-up from the beginning," he said.
Yes, I know, various possibilities.  Problem is, between some of the WTH? in this, and the other mess that recently blew up... well, would YOU trust them?


Pawpaw said...

It's Chigago, dude!

Firehand said...

And that that explains so much is kind of horrifying, isn't it?

Old 1811 said...

He was running with a gun in his hand after shooting at people.
He was a fleeing violent felon (which Illinois calls a "fleeing forcible felon"). Shooting him is permissible under Garner v. Tennessee and Illinois law.
You can hate the Chicago police all you want, but this was a legal shooting.

Old 1811 said...

Please allow me to explain my comment that you apparently decided not to print:
When a good boy who was just turning his life around is shot by the police while engaging in wealth redistribution or population control, it is customary for the grieving family to immediately sue the city.
The city will always pay, because it's cheaper to pay go-away money than it is to go to court. This is known as "winning the ghetto lottery".
You can tell if a shooting was good or bad by the size of the payout. A five-figure payout means it was a good shooting; a seven-figure payout means it was a bad one.
This rule holds true throughout the United States.

Firehand said...

I haven't 'decided not to print' any comments from you. I just checked the spam filter, and there's nothing there.

Old 1811 said...

Must not have gone through. My apologies.
I was a little blunt about the ghetto lottery, and when it didn't show up I thought you might have considered it inflammatory.