Sunday, December 06, 2015

I'd say the man isn't a fan of the EffingBI or the media:

What could the terrorists’ 
motive possibly be? How many times did you hear that absurd question asked? Were you yelling at the TV set too?

And how come no networks 
replayed Obama saying three weeks ago that ISIS was “contained?” Think they’d have given George Bush that kind of pass?

Neither cops nor the media dared tell the un-PC truth, that this was yet another terror attack by Muslims, one of whom was an alien. Nobody from Boston has any illusions about the FBI — Famous But 
Incompetent. But they’re worse than ever. Did you see that G-man from the LA office, making like 
Inspector Clouseau — “I suspect everyone, I suspect no one.”
Was kind of amazing, wasn't it?  "We're going to leave ourselves every possible out to not say the 'T' word, because it makes the President and the AG unhappy.*  And the media... first report I heard on this: 'Three white males'.  And the PP hysteria("There's a PP office only 20 minutes away, could it have started as an attack on them?!?") was amazing.

And our President.  Who STILL won't call it a terrorist attack, STILL says "Maybe workplace violence."
That’s Barack Obama’s favorite excuse for terrorism. And you know the best way to fight terror — I mean workplace violence. Common-sense gun-safety laws. Yeah, that’s the ticket. Common sense — take away the guns from law-abiding people so that they can’t defend themselves against the terrorists and the gangbangers who don’t give a flying bleep about the law.
Yeah, the same man who starts commenting and insulting cops and whoever gets in the way of a victim class while the mess is still going on, immediately starts "We need more gun laws! It's the Democrats main chorus, hell, after PARIS they were insisting WE need more gun laws.
And the media shills doing everything they can to make excuses for the murderers of fourteen people("Maybe they were made uncomfortable!  One of the victims had argued with him!  Did we/they DRIVE THEM TO IT?") is sickening.  A terrorist/s could specifically target a media outlet and slaughter half the people in the building, leaving notes that "You die for the leaders of ISIS and ALLAH!", and the rest of them would still try to blame the US for it.

And let us not forget the No-Fly List: "If you're too dangerous to fly, you're too dangerous to be allowed to buy a gun!"  Never mind even the EffingBI and DHS can't tell you how many people are on it, or actually why; never mind all the people there for bullshit, or pure error; never mind that the Democrats(lots of Republicans, too, but they're not the ones trying to use it to disarm people) used to HATE that list because of the protected species who wound up on it; NOW it's a WONDERFUL thing!

And, of course, the borders.  That the previous cackling idiot running DHS insisted 'is more secure than ever before', and the current cackling idiot continues to parrot that.  No, none of those people sneaking across could possibly be a threat, nooooo...

As a side note, to every Republican who helped put Lynch in the AGs office: thanks a lot, you chickenshit bastards.


Pawpaw said...

Personally, I can't wait to hear what Obama has to say tonight. It should be a compendium of left-wing goodness.

Phelps said...

The Jake Tapper tweet got me, because there is a fundamental misunderstanding there.

They aren't protecting the dead murderer's feelings. They are protecting the feelings of the huge religion that sympathizes with the dead murderers.

Their words say, "they don't represent Islam." Their actions say that they do.

Actions speak louder than words.