Thursday, December 10, 2015

Another side-effect of "We bombed a truck and an outho- ah, ISIL outpost!"

being declared a victory: "Damn, we could really use those bombs and missiles we wasted on that crap."

Yeah, I yelled about the bomb/missile shortage before; Weaponsman brings in this somewhat-different viewpoint. 
Problem is, we just spent somewhere between a half million and a million, and risked at least four aircrew lives, to engage an enemy that wouldn’t exist absent the power vacuum created by us bugging out, and to blow the living daylights out of a (probably empty) $25k truck.

And now we’re running low on the essential ingredients of FOOM.

Including some history:
Funny, last time we used jets instead of Western Union to “send a message,” we ran out of bombs too, and we didn’t seem to get the message across to Ho Chi Minh, either.

As Tam said a while back,
Can you imagine Gen. "Pete" Quesada, whose IX Fighter Command carpeted northern France with dead Germans, putting out a press release to acknowledge the destruction of a guard shack? That is the inherent problem with the administration trying to convince the world that we're serious about ISIS. The world (ISIS included) knows what we look like when we're serious, and this ain't it.

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