Sunday, December 06, 2015

A milestone passed!

Well, I rolled the bike out of the garage, anyway.  First time in more than a month.  So I could start it.  Turned the key, pushed the button, and on the third crank it fired and ran normally(yay modern engineering!  Yay battery tender!  Yay Sta-Bil!).  And, it being Sunday morning and almost no traffic, after it warmed up I pulled on the helmet(interesting with about 1.3 arms) and gloves, and rode it.

Mind you, had to give my right arm a slight boost to get it on the grip(think Inspector Kemp in Young Frankenstein), and I wouldn't have even thought about it if there'd been any real traffic(among other things, if various people had known they'd have thrown fits).  But a mile down the road, then back, had it a full operating temp for a bit, and cleaned the dust off while it cooled.

It's back in the garage now.  But it felt really good to ride, even a short hop like that.

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Gerry N. said...

Good for you, Mark. Some is better than none. Keep up the good work.