Friday, November 13, 2015

This is what colleges and some idiot parents are producing:

censors, fascists, and socialists.
CAVUTO: Well, you want all that stuff. Someone has to pick up the tab. Who would that be?
MULLEN: Ummm, the one-percent of people in society that are hoarding the wealth and kind of causing the catastrophe students are facing… 
CAVUTO: Alright, Keely, so if the one-percent just had their taxes raised a few years ago back to almost forty-percent, then to pay for the healthcare law had them raised another few percentage points, then they had their deductions raised another couple points depending on the state or locality — they’re pushing about fifty-percent in taxes — how much higher do you think, how much more do you think they should pay?
MULLEN: I think enough to where one in two American families are not threatened by poverty —
CAVUTO: So where do they go? Let’s say if you tax these folks — they’re smart people, these one-percent hoarders — so if they leave here, who’s going to pay for all this stuff that you want?
MULLEN: If they leave?
CAVUTO: The country.
MULLEN: Oh. Ummm, I mean there’s always going to be a one-percent in the U.S.
"Oh, there'll ALWAYS be SOMEBODY we can loot to pay for our free stuff!"  Idiots.  Damned fools of the first order.

"She's not a TRUE colored woman, she wrote things that trigger and upset us!"  Whiny damned bastards, too.

"How dare you say an approved victim class can do bad stuff!"


Anonymous said...

Seesh, where and when will it end? It will take a couple of generations to wipe out this stupidity IF we go all conservative 'merican on them.
Actually, the liberals have spent a tremendous amount of effort to get us to this point.....are we willing to expend that much to get America back to a true republic?

Pawpaw said...

My economics prof would have had a field day with her. Trigger warnings, you ask? She would have left the room crying, totally humiliated,with extra assignments carefully calculated to relieve her of her ignorance. To add to her humiliation and disgrace, most of the class would be laughing aloud at her distress.

What she exhibited yesterday is that there is no rigor left in American academics.