Thursday, October 29, 2015

I think these qualify as Quality Control Fail

Guy at the range gave them to me, out of a box of Winchester white-box 9mm.  The one on the left, looks like the seating die slightly crushed the case mouth at that point.
One on the right looks normal, but flip it over, and
If there had been a primer, wouldn't have done any good.


Pawpaw said...

Heh! Yeah, that QC department let those two get by, and in the same box.

I've gotten ammo like that, but never two in the same box, especially from Winchester.

Jerry The Geek said...

Oh, my!
I ran the Chronograph stage at an Area 1 USPSA match a few years ago, and I DQ'd a teenager whose ammo didn't even make Minor.

The kid (and his father) were outraged, saying (1) "we're using identical guns!" and (2) "But it's FACTORY AMMO!"
... they actually said that a lot. As if it is suppose to mean something.

Liberals. They're the only ones who are so trusting of their well-being to authority figures. Oh, the kid was new to the game and had never cleaned his pistol before going to the chronograph stage. And he thought I should give him a 'bye'.

flagunblog said...

Ive had Winchester WB have similar QC issues.... .

Tony Tsquared said...

I have had many defective "factory" loads. Most were crimp issues. A few were squibs. I once had an entire 20 round box of Remington 270 that the case would expand so much that they would not extract - I tried 3 different guns on this ammo and every last case had to be driven out.

I have never had a defective hand load. I have dropped the powder loads so low that they would not cycle my semi-auto pistol but this was by design as I was looking for the lowest powder charge that would still cycle the 9mm while using a 100 grain cast alloy bullet - I was looking for cheap and I found it.