Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Little more on the CherryBalmz test

Another sixty rounds through each conversion today.  No failures of any kind, and when examined the lubed surfaces still look like they've got a proper coat of the stuff.

Conclusions at this point:
In the guns I've tried it in, it works as a lube should.  No bad smell, stays where you put it.  I'd love to take, say, and 9mm and about a thousand rounds and test it with that.  Or the AR and that much 7.62x39.  However, due to both expense and time, not gonna happen right now.

So far the only real problem I see is the price: seventeen bucks for a half-ounce will turn some people off, especially compared to, say the Lubriplate SFL-0.  The good thing is, used lightly as it should be, that bottle should last quite a while(depending on how often you shoot, clean and re-lube).

I'll keep shooting with the stuff and see if it holds up.  Since the guns are about to get at least a couple of weeks(more if I'm not an idiot) rest, we'll see if it's still where it should be.


Pawpaw said...

ATF, dude. Really.

White lithium grease, if you must, but generally, ATF is all you need.

Firehand said...

As I told someone, "What's the best lube for my gun?" is right up there with "Glock vs. 1911", "Best oil for my bike?", and "Ginger or Mary Ann?" to start an argument.

Arthur said...

Are you planning to try either of these fruity lubes in your carry gun over the summer? That's what I'd like to hear. So far I've been impressed with lubriplate for not getting 'sweated off' I sweat like a pig and even the synthetic greases I've tried vanished after a couple of days.

I'm hoping we have a really cold winter so I can do some cold weather checks on Lubriplate SFL-0 - like leave my carry gun out on the deck for a couple hours at -20F and see if it works. That check cured me of the urge to go really cheap and just use the bearing grease I had laying around. Those LONG rail surfaces on an old school Sig turned cold grease into cement.

Firehand said...

Planning to.

Used the SFL-0 on my carry piece for a couple of years now; doesn't get that cold here, bu zero complaints hot or cold