Wednesday, October 28, 2015

In this installment of "These people are truly nuts", we have

a bunch of idiots in New York City:
Babu quotes another writer who was robbed that night as saying "I didn't ultimately think that person posed a threat. I didn't feel afraid of the person; I felt more just afraid of the weapon.
Yeah, it's not the guy who's threatening your life and stealing your stuff that's the threat, it's an inanimate object...

The next is one of the anti-rights clowns who demonstrate just why we think they're insane.  And the reason why so many people are getting their carry permits:
“Please hold while I transfer you to Bloomington,” she says.
I thought, “Jesus H. Christ.  I’m surely glad I don’t need the police in a hurry. 911 doesn’t put you on hold?  Bullshit.  Dialed 911, and I’m on hold.  Sure wish I had that gun I sold.” 

You may be getting anxious, now, wondering what FDR’s Second Bill of Rights has to do with my antipathy towards your political philosophy.  It’s quite simple – your political beliefs are a threat to liberty – not just for me, but for my three boys and their children as well.  I care much less about the America that I’m living in at this very moment than I do about the one that I’m leaving Nathaniel, Charlie, and Jackson.

Crime reporting in Chicago; have to keep those numbers down, or the brass hats look bad.

"She didn't actually say what she said, so stop asking about it.  She really cares, she does!"

And last, from Austria, people- women in particular- have decided that that 'when seconds count' thing is a serious matter:
And gun dealers report that it is women driving the sales rush. This year alone, police say 70,000 guns have been sold.

'Virtually all shotguns are currently sold out, because you need no permit for them', said Thomas Ortner, spokesman for an arms dealer in Upper Austria.

For every other type of weapon, a licence is required.

Licence courses, in which applicants must demonstrate knowledge of firearms, used to take place every five weeks but they are now held weekly because of spiking demand.
Various authorities are informing people "There's nothing to worry about", but after all the (largely ignored by the PC media and politicians)information on rapes and so forth, seems some people don't believe them.  For some reason.

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