Friday, July 24, 2015

Trying to take selfies with wild animals

is a good way to get recycled.  Idiots.

Once again the Europeans and suckups are whining that we use a/c too much.  And we're causing globular warmering by our energy use, etc.

Listen up, people: last few days here, and the next few, it's going to be well up in the 90's with humidity at the 'take five steps and start dripping' level.  At this stage we're making sure old people either get donations if the money is tight so they can use the a/c, or getting them fans, or getting them to libraries and stores and such so they can cool off; Europe is heading to the beach and leaving the old people to die.  Borrowing from Rachel Lucas when living in Italy,
I’ve mentioned before we have no air conditioning because this is Italy and either A/C just doesn’t exist or if it does, you use it at your own financial risk to the tune of about 600 euros a month. Well in the last week or so, it’s reached that time of year that this means I AM IN HELL PLEASE KILL ME GOD. You think I’m being dramatic, you turn off your A/C next time it’s 92 degrees in your town, and also move to a country where there are no air-conditioned stores or restaurants for you to go hang out in. Oh and also you don’t have a car to drive anywhere in air conditioned bliss; you have to walk everywhere, including the grocery store. And then you gotta haul all that shit back on foot to your no-air-conditioning apartment. You could take public transportation but guess what, even if it advertises itself as “cooled”, it certainly is not, and you get to spend that ride standing squashed up against hundreds of other sweaty, cranky individuals.
Sounds great, doesn't it?

I've lived through Oklahoma summers with no a/c; even when you have fans, it sucks.  So Europe and idiots like Noack can kiss my ass.

Why Our Children Don't Think There Are Moral Facts

So the latest from the Bloomberg crew is "Military personnel aren't capable of safely handling guns in public, let alone taking out an active shooter".  Etc.
Let’s examine The Trace’s arguments, starting with the headline: “Why Military Security Experts Know That Arming All Troops Is Not The Answer.”

Leaving aside for the moment the fact that The Trace actually talks to no military security experts, we’d like to know just who is advocating arming all service members.

This false premise is a favorite of anti-gunners (see Fox News’ Juan Williams’ unbelievable screed from last week).
They lie and twist about everything, don't they?  And they don't even trust trained, sworn troops to have guns unless they've been sent somewhere outside the country(where they'll be hamstrung by idiot roe).


Differ said...

Having lived in both Europe and the US there is no viable comparison. Most of the continental US is between 30 and 45 north (not counting Alaska and Florida), while most of Western Europe spans 40 to 55 north, but most Europeans perceive a rough equivalence in latitude. They just don't understand that we have generally hotter summers. Additionally there is a stronger maritime influence to their weather so they have less variation.
US to Europe is an Apples and Oranges comparison on this subject. The northern Europeans, richer and more progressive don't need a/c to the extent that the southern Europeans, poorer and more traditional do, but the southerners generally avoid working in the heat. That said many new cars in Europe are available with a/c and new construction usually includes it. Retrofitting it to existing buildings is expensive and for the majority of the time, in England at least, keeping the house warm is more of a concern than is keeping it cool.
Here in the US we have the northern European (protestant) work ethic in a Mediterranean climate - of course we cool our offices...that's why we are the economic powerhouse that Europe is not.
BTW the captcha is not good for mobile devices

Firehand said...

Captcha has become a pain in the ass, period

markm said...

It's quite easy nowadays to look up the latitude - just find any city in Wikipedia, and the latitude and longitude are listed in the sidebar at the right. Chicago is at the same latitude as Rome. Paris, London, and Berlin are far north of Minneapolis, as well as the major Canadian population centers in Ontario. Memphis, TN is north of Tunis, on the north coast of Africa. Much of the UK would be a frozen wasteland like Canada's northern provinces if not for the warming influence of the gulf stream.

By the way, those select-some-blurry-pictures captchas are a royal PITA.