Thursday, July 23, 2015

Even for John Effing Kerry & Co., this is insane

In other words, if nuclear inspectors get a hot tip that Iran is conducting (or conducted in the past) atomic-bomb work at a secret site, they don’t get to go to the site themselves and take samples from the soil, the walls, etc, to see if there’s uranium present. They get their samples … from Iran. That’s like drug-testing a junkie by asking him to bring a sample from home.
'Idiotic' is the kindest thing I can say about this.

And please note, further down, Sen. Corker being all upset.  After the stupid bastard helped make it easier for Obama to ram this through.

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markm said...

The Ayatollahs were in the stronger negotiating position - because Kerry and his boss started from the position that American military action was not an option. With that assured, the only question was what it would take to make working around the inspections less of a hassle for the Iranis than working around the sanctions. There is _one_ way to make inspections effective; a policy that whenever inspectors are denied access, we immediately launch a cruise missile to blow up whatever they are doing. Then the inspection is unnecessary. But not only won't Obama do that, but Bush wouldn't do it when Saddam blocked inspectors - and Saddam was already guilty of _using_ WMD.

The only good news is that it's not officially a treaty (and cannot be with > 1/3 of the Senate being true Republicans), so it won't be binding on the next President. The bad news is, even if we elect a Republican, the chances are 99% that he or she will be another ball-less wonder who requires five years and 3,000 dead Americans before acting.