Sunday, July 19, 2015

So add to the bird quisinart problem: water pollution

 in some areas:
“People wonder how wind farms can possibly contaminate our water,” she said.
“Firstly, most are constructed on areas of unspoilt moss, heather and deep peat, often with associated forestry. Construction vehicles churn up the ground to make access roads and clear the forests – approximately 3 million trees were cleared at Whitelee. Trees are pulled up, and the churned up peat is washed into the river systems by heavy rain, releasing excessive carbon which the water treatment works are not able to deal with.
“The construction teams then blast quarries and ‘borrow-pits’ to provide rock foundations for access roads and turbine bases – six quarries with 85 articulated dump lorries ferried almost 6 million tons of excavated rock around the Whitelee site for roads and turbine foundations. These excavations allow access to the numerous faults and dykes which crisscross Scotland and act as conduits for ground water. Chemical and diesel spills, therefore, have an immediate channel to the aquifer.

The defense?
Scottish Power, who run the wind farm, denied causing the pollution but admitted that they hadn’t warned residents that their water supplies may be contaminated.
Yeah.  Think on that a bit.  Probable translation: "We didn't actually dump stuff into the water, so we didn't CAUSE it."

And it'll probably get worse.
The Scottish government has committed to generating 100 percent of Scotland’s energy from renewables by 2020.
Which I doubt is even possible.  But they'll try to freeze everyone in the dark in the attempt.

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