Saturday, July 25, 2015

And the greenies prove, once again, that they're friggin' insane

Read the whole thing, but this sums up an awful lot of it:
Other attempts to go green have met with indifferent success. Several proposals to put windmills atop the Green Mountains – the obvious place for them – have been shouted down or stalled by local objections. An early attempt to put a new wood-burning plant right across the Massachusetts border was also quickly defeated – it would create air pollution. The project was also dampened by a Massachusetts study which concluded that burning trees for energy would soon exhaust the state’s forest resources.

Burlington claims to be the first city in the country to have achieved 100 percent renewable status, although these claims are open to debate. The city’s main source of electricity is the Joseph C. McNeil Generating Station, which was recently converted from coal to wood. The Burlington Electric Department (BED) claims that 75 percent of the wood comes from within 60 miles. This is considered renewable in that trees regrow, although the amount of carbon thrown into the atmosphere has been shown to exceed that of coal. Also, once they are harvested, trees regrow whether they are burned as fuel or not. Another clean source is the recently purchased Winooski Hydroelectric Dam, a small hydro project developed by environmental pioneer John Warshow, who died last month. The dam produces 7.4 megawatts.

Ironically, while some environmentalists have been developing small dams, others have been campaigning to tear down small dams around the state. The Newport 11 dam was recently removed from the Clyde River and other small dams are under fire. The strategy resembles one pursued for years by the Sierra Club, which favors small dams globally but campaigns to tear them down locally. Warshow developed three other small dams around the state.
Effing INSANE.  They get rid of a nuke plant that was clean and efficient AND STARTED BURNING TREES... because 'they'll grow back'(yeah, in how many years?  and did  you get the 'carbon exceeds that of coal' part?).  And they both want dams, and want to tear them down.  Because, well, effing STUPID.

In the interim, Vermont is finding - like California and Germany before it – that the fastest way to a clean energy future is to close down local sources of power and import it from other regions.
"Let's make somebody else generate the power we need somewhere else!  That way we can feel all green and virtuous while the pollution happens somewhere else!"

It's... gaaahhh.

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