Saturday, May 02, 2015

Amy Murphy is the Texas Tech Commissa- ah, Dean of Students,

and she has a real problem with that 'due process' thing.  After all, how can you run a proper 'Men Are Always Guilty When Accused' kangaroo court when you have to worry about questions, and objections, and legal counsel?
Murphy told Texas Tech’s college paper that, as a part of the Student Code of Conduct, students at the university do not have the right to confront their accuser. More than that, they cannot have a representative ask questions of the accuser at all, and cross-examination is simply not allowed.

According to Murphy, this process is a “learning experience” that “will be conducted in the least adversarial way possible.”
Yeah, the accused will learn just how they can be screwed from an accusation.  And have no recourse.
During Texas Tech hearings about alleged crimes, “students are not able to cross-examine witnesses, nor are the students’ advisers.”

“If cross-examination were to be allowed,” Murphy told the paper, “it would create a chilling effect for future possible reports.”
Translation: "How can we have people making bullshit sexual-assault reports if they know they'll actually face questioning?  That they can't just accuse someone and get away with it?"

The official word from the Student Commissar:
“We already have the information,” she explained, “They (the students involved) don’t have to participate in the hearing.”
How many problems can you find in this idiotic statement?

Of course, she has the usual cheering section:
Jenn Davis, a freshman, said that if someone is accused of rape, they shouldn’t have the right to question their accuser: “I can’t imagine being a sexual assault victim, but if that were ever to unfortunately happen to me, I would not want people to ask me questions about it after I had already told my story. I’ve done some research on the topic and it can be traumatic to continue to relive the situation over and over again.”
Well, Miss Davis,  guess what?  You make a criminal charge against someone, they have the right to face their accuser.  Whether you like it or not.

And as to the trauma, guess how traumatic is is to have your life trashed because someone decides days or weeks or months after the fact "It doesn't matter what actually happened, I now say I was raped!"

Such bullshit is amazing.  And scary.  Any student put through this crap should get a lawyer and sue their ass off.  Eventually, the PC morons just might get the idea that, in the real world and with any kind of actual justice, accusation does NOT equal guilt.


Toastrider said...

I guess Texas Tech just has scads of money lying around, for when they get hammered with a lawsuit. Are they not paying attention or are they just stupid?

Firehand said...

How many colleges are being sued right now over this bullshit? And the others still don't get the message?

either True Believers, hoping for Daddy Obama to save them, or think it couldn't happen to them. Any of which really do boil down to stupid. Combined with arrogant.

Windy Wilson said...

Men are going to have to start accusing the women of sexual assault if they refuse to put out or continue the relationship after having once put out. Particularly if the woman (is that the correct noun to use if there are "safe rooms" with counselors, stuffed animals and candy for female students distraught after hearing a disagreeing concept?) was at all assertive or merely active in initiating or continuing the act. I think men will have to be Rob Low with a Go Pro to protect themselves and prove assent.
After the feminists heads explode from this development, will there be some sort of sexist explanation that men can form intent when drunk (or high) but women can't, while at the same time men can form consent while drunk and women can't? Victorian Era thinking my old lady's corset cover, this is Sharia.