Monday, April 27, 2015

...Once you start thinking about human beings as members of classes–

so, even if it’s classes that sound initially plausible or neutral, like the rich and the poor, immediately what you begin to do is to see human beings within those classes as being more or less interchangeable. They’re like marbles or poker chips and one is just as good as another.

But the danger that has actually issued real and horrible consequences in human history–once you begin to see people as being interchangeable, at least among classes, this religion, this nationality, this ethnicity, then you begin to dehumanize them. They don’t seem to you like individual centers of human dignity.

George Washington University; ol' George would be kicking the ass of these idiot administrators.
But that doesn’t mean that you must proceed as though you are too stupid to tell the difference between Nazi vandalism and something that is — let’s be clear here — not Nazi vandalism. But those are the wages of multiculturalism, which is a moral pose that has displaced the actual study of culture — and cult is the first word in culture, which is why the study of religious thinking and tradition is a necessary part of any liberal education. Part of the value of a liberal education is that it helps you to avoid doing stupid things, e.g. effectively criminalizing the display of an ancient religious symbol in an institution purportedly dedicated in some part to the study of the liberal arts.
The problem: what they're getting is NOT a liberal education, it's leftist indoctrination.  Whole different thing.

The Veterans Administration and the EffingBI: yeah, you can trust them...
“A [VA] counselor named Dr. Blair says, ‘How are you handling your finances?’,” veteran Henry Wrobel of Canton, Texas told TheDC. “I said my wife suggested, to make it a little bit easier for me, maybe use the auto-debit instead of going to the post office because it’s hard for me to drive” with injuries including two “made-up thumbs” resulting from 12 hand surgeries, a wired-on shoulder, and other ailments.
“I told him it’s working very well,” Wrobel said. The counselor “wrote down that I was unable to handle my own finances and that ‘his wife handles his finances.’ I got a letter saying that because I can’t handle my finances I’m like a felon and I can’t be around guns.”

Well, that's interesting.  Was looking around at Science Babe and ran across this piece, which included
Public officials and people who appear to have reputability in science espousing views that are in direct opposition to scientific consensus provide the illusion of debate within the scientific community. Debate is best left for the political arena. In science, all that matters is what you can and can’t prove.
followed a bit later by
We can show proof, over and over again with a preponderance of evidence, that climate change is real. Don’t conflate weather with climate when you want a visual of a snowball introduce views that don’t permeate a world view that’s cohesive with science.

the illusion of debate within the scientific community.  Then preponderance of evidence of climate change.  Sounds a lot like 'The science is settled!'  So I posted a comment,
"When you start in on 'scientific consensus' on AGW... there are a hell of a lot of scientists who call bullshit on that, are they to be disregarded because of the 'consensus'?"
Either there's moderation and it hasn't gone through yet, or she deleted it.

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