Wednesday, April 29, 2015

'Saving us' from the evil druggies,

no matter the cost.
A Houston-based federal judge ruled that the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration does not owe the owner of a small Texas trucking company anything, not even the cost of repairing the bullet holes to a tractor-trailer truck that the agency used without his permission for a wild 2011 drug cartel sting that resulted in the execution-style murder of the truck’s driver, who was secretly working as a government informant.
 Isn't that just freaking wonderful?  Take property, get it shot up(and someone killed, don't forget that), and tell the owner "Screw you, we're not responsible for anything."  And a federal judge says "That's right."

Once more: we're supposed to trust ANY of these bastards why?

And take note of this from the Chronicle article:
The ruling by U.S. District Judge Lee Rosenthal, which was made public late Monday,  heads off a potentially embarrassing civil trial that was supposed to start early next month at the federal courthouse.
Gee, I wonder how much that had to do with the judge saying "Screw you, citizen, stop bothering the feds" ?
But wait!  There's more!
In the ensuing firefight, Patty’s truck was wrecked and riddled with bullet holes, and a plainclothes Houston police officer shot and wounded a plainclothes Harris County Sheriff’s Office deputy who was mistaken for a gangster.
I swear...


Toastrider said...

It's like they WANT people to hate them. Not just in that 'ah shit here we go again' kind of way, but the kind that ends in bloodshed.

What exactly was the judge's reasoning for this?

Firehand said...

I suspect a mix of qualified immunity combined with "You can't let us be held responsible for damages! You know how much trouble that'll cause us? Not to mention the horrible publicity!"

Which means a chickenshit jurist who should lose that robe.