Friday, May 01, 2015

The project has had its first few rounds

and nothing blew up.  Always a comforting thing.

Only a few rounds today.  I wanted to both make sure it worked, and get the scope roughed in.  Both accomplished.  There were a couple of times the bolt didn't lock back, but I'm not screwing with ANYTHING until it's had more rounds through it.  Everything's new and a little wearing-in never hurt.  Right now the bore's getting cleaned thoroughly, and next time I fire it should be on the 100 yard range.

Other reason didn't want to fire many: new barrel should be cleaned thoroughly after first use.  DPMS says 'after every round for the first so many, then after each ten for the next so many', which is nice, but the range objects to people breaking out cleaning rods and solvent; therefore, just a few and cleaning it thoroughly now.


Anonymous said...


I try to follow the break in directions, but since I'm impatient(and I've never bought a $10,000 0.005MOA@1000 gun) I've always just used a boresnake and solvent to clean the barrel during break-in.

Firehand said...

Outdoor range I try to get to doesn't care as long as you do it safely, but the indoor doesn't want you doing that.

Though even for the outdoor a Boresnake might be a good idea