Saturday, March 21, 2015

If the IRS wasn't the corrupt organization it is, this

would already have an investigation running, with fines and jail time in the offing.  Considering the current status of that agency, they're probably doing everything they can to avoid dealing with it.

The Hill ignores two things:
It wasn't just Republicans who raised hell about the proposed bullet ban, a lot of Democrats weren't exactly happy about it either.
They ignore Jones, after this ban fell through, announcing ANY ammo for 5.56/223 was 'a threat to law enforcement', thus proving that what he was really after was banning everything possible.

So, what's your vote:
Jones wants out before some new news story involving ATF breaks
Jones wants out because Pres. HopeyChangeyPants is pissed at how badly the ban project went
Jones wants out because all the gun-bigot Democrats are pissed at him for dropping the ban
Jones is being run off by the above for blowing the project.

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