Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Yes, it's The Guardian, but

would this actually surprise anyone?

I have to note, when I read
In preparation for the Nato protest, Church, who is from Florida, had written a phone number for the National Lawyers Guild on his arm as a precautionary measure.
it put me in a less-than-sympathetic mood toward this clown; having the number of that group as your "I want to call my lawyer" kind of tells us what your views are.  Which is really irrelevant to this, as if CPD is doing this, then a bunch of people need to be fired and prosecuted.

Well, if they try the Marines could take care of it again.  If the idiots in Sodom on the Potomac would let them.

Son was once in the 2nd Cav; considering the level of support they'll get if things go to hell, I'm glad he's not there now.

Especially with the readiness of some of the NATO allies.  Y'know, some of the people who're supposed to help if it does blow up.

And it's at least in part this bad because they're counting on us to take care of it.  Start closing bases in Europe and tell the EUnuchs to step up on their own defense.  Or get screwed.

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