Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Tab clearing

It seems the rifle India designed for the troops rather sucks.

Some specifics here.

Top U.S. Army Marksman Explains Why Gun Nuts Shoot Better 
Master Sgt. Scott Satterlee says the military could learn a lot from civilians
I love this line:
“There were guys in their eighties—barely held together at the seams—who were out-shooting me,” he recalls.

“My son, Jamiel Shaw II, was murdered while walking on his own street, three houses down from his home. An illegal alien on his first gun charge was visiting a neighbor when my son was coming home,” he said. “He shot my son in the stomach and then in the head, killing him.”

“Do black lives really matter? Or does it matter only if you are shot by a white person or a white policeman?” Shaw asked.
They matter, Mr. Shaw; problem is, right now illegal aliens matter a lot more to the assholes in Sodom on the Potomac, and a lot of other politicians locally.

Lots of media over there just as trustworthy as over here when it comes to PC and 'progressive' subjects.  Like globular warmering.

"Nothing to see here, nothing to worry about, just shut up and leave us alone."

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