Monday, February 23, 2015

And when the glossy name and story stops being enough...

Rather than standing foursquare on a wide, bipartisan consensus, he is ruling  from a narrow circle of advisers on the residue of the legitimacy provided by his charisma.  The authority for his actions is increasingly himself.  This happens all the time with charismatic leaders. Hugo Chavez did it, and it leads to disaster. Because the day may come when someone may ask , “well where are all these beautiful and evocative short stories you wrote as an organizer?”  Where are all the articles you wrote as President of the Harvard Law Review?   And what was your legislative track record before becoming president? These questions are all off limits even though they are interrogatories of the most ordinary kind.  And they are off limits for a reason.  They undermine the root of the legend.
When it was just commoners noting Obama doesn't even seem to LIKE this country, no mention made or they were simply dismissed as racists or whatever; a politician with some stature says 'he does not love this country' and the Democrat hacks of the media lose their minds.  Because it actually made big news, and he must be destroyed for daring to say it.

Wonder if that slimeball Cuomo will tell her "You should have obeyed the law of the land!" ?
An Irving immigration lawyer was arrested Friday morning on federal fraud charges for allegedly forging visa applications for illegal immigrants she represented, the U.S. attorney’s office said.
Somehow I think he'll find an exception for her.

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