Saturday, February 28, 2015

Why you're not Officer Friendly anymore, Reason #582:

Lying, perjuring, abusive bastards
Combined with "Why lots of prosecutors should be disbarred and then prosecuted themselves, Primary Reason: you're a lying bastard yourself, and you help cops break the law.  Add the County Attorney to that as well.

Note it's not just the one cop, oh no, a BUNCH of them had no problem making false statements and perjuring themselves in court.  Including their Gods-damned chief.
Police Chief Culpepper gave a police statement that he witnessed the battery, but in a deposition he said, "I wasn't out there." But that didn't stop Culpepper from characterizing Dendinger's actions as "violence, force."

Which brings up the question "How many times before have they lied under oath and gotten away with it?"  That ought to be looked into.

Every damned one of them should be actually prosecuted for it; considering there's video evidence, shouldn't be a problem.  The attorneys should all be disbarred, and prosecuted.  And I'll bet a bunch of people start digging into other cases over that 'how many times before' question.

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