Sunday, February 22, 2015

From Juan Williams, it figures:

Obama and Holder playing RWPP, good; Clarence Thomas stating "INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS, not colors", somehow either bad or shocking.

Something to note: The fact that a 2001 article in Time magazine about him was headlined “Uncle Tom Justice” reminds us that racism stubbornly persists.
Hey, Williams, who runs Time?  It's sure not some right-wing redneck.  For that matter, who's called him Uncle Tom and other such things?  Again, it wasn't people in the tea party.

A lost Holmes story?  Want.

Miguel says it well:
Let me see if I am reading this right: He did not support Georgia’s Gun Laws, but he had no qualms taking advantage of them and getting himself a gun to carry. He realizes that he may need additional training and instead exercising some initiative and take the training, this idle-minded moron’s only attempt at discharging low-level electric current through the neurons in his brain is to come up with a bill (which he will now be exempted) demanding that people must take a class or else they are not worth of exercising their Second Amendment Right?

I am gonna get some coffee….

"We don't want to have to follow state law on this, so we're asking for donations to fight it!"
"Ah, you might want to re-think that."

One more politician who thinks National Socialist firearms laws were something to emulate.

One more politician who should be removed from that taxpayer-supplied chair.

Free speech; as long as you don't insult/trouble/piss-off a protected species.

I do realize lots of .gov agencies/offices will redact/classify anything possible, this is not encouraging:
The first scenario outlined is completely redacted, illustrating the acute sensitivity about the issue. The second scenario is heavily blacked out but, according to the memo, “would be both logistically and technically challenging for a non-state group to undertake”. It observes: “Clearly there are practical issues involved with such a scenario that of themselves are often not insurmountable but taken together add enormously to the complexity of successfully undertaking this attack.”

A third, also heavily redacted, scenario “constitutes the most technically challenging of the scenarios considered here”.
It's not like they'd have much trouble getting samples of ebola to work with.

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