Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Well, it's not like the readership of GQ

would get anywhere with the orbital mechanics, is it? The nearest they get to the space program is stocking up on Astro Glide.

Once upon a time I had a subscription to Men's Health.  Back when it had a bit more focus on workout stuff and less on social crap(like printing an article that appeared written by the Center for Science in the Public Interest as if it were proven fact).  And then it changed, and you started seeing crap like "THIS is the raincoat you should buy.  Yes, it costs a little over a thousand, but look how it will fill out your wardrobe!"  A lot.  Guess what did not get renewed?

And, as expected, ISIL is getting around to burning books.  Wonderful people, aren't they?  I'm just surprised they didn't use them to burn somebody.

They don't like musical instruments, either.

No, they'll never publicly correct the record; because being victims makes their whole life worth it, and is their way of manipulating people.

Saying 'slow down your breathing', something like that would be fine; telling a cop in a dangerous situation to CLOSE YOU EYES?

I clicked the link, and started reading; I couldn't take it for long.  What kind of moron actually writes
In reality though, never in the history of this country has gun laws been so lax than they are now.
and seems to actually mean it?

Demonstration of why Californicated does not count as a place I'd want to live.  And a very good note of just what we're fighting in clowns like Mommies Want and CSGV:
For example, if you point these Progressive myopics to a story about an off-duty deputy who was able to stop a mall shooter, they’ll refuse to acknowledge that a gun saved lives.  Instead, you’ll start hearing silly statements, such as “The shooter’s aim was bad, so he wasn’t going to kill anyone anyway.”  To the gun haters, a story without dead bodies is no story at all.  We Second Amendment people are different.  We count the people at the mall who didn’t die once the deputy took out the shooter.

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taminator013 said...

I had a subscription to Men's Health many years ago. The only thing that was useful to me was how to get rid of the last few drops without shaking it a hundred times..............