Tuesday, February 24, 2015

"I am woman! Hear me scream

'Save me from the evils of those who won't agree with me!' "  Stolen from Ace:
Mainstream "geek culture" media have been frothing at the mouth this month because Supanova, an Australian convention for sci-fi, comic, anime and gaming fans, has refused to rescind actor Adam Baldwin's invitation to appear, after a petition claimed that, as a supporter of GamerGate, his attendance will make women "feel unsafe".
And by 'feel unsafe' they mean he will disagree with them. Because if you took feminist SJW's claims seriously, the only possible conclusion would be that women are such weak, utterly-maladapted-to-this-world delicate little creatures that they really should be assigned court-appointed guardians and placed in institutions where they can be protected from this cruel world of criticism, expectations, judgment and logic that refuses to properly bow down before the almighty Feelings.

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