Monday, July 07, 2014

Some idiots are setting their diesel truck up to smoke

a lot on demand.  This has led to some Puffington Host writer doing a breathless "Conservatives are doing this to people who care about the environment!" article.

Let's have one with "Environmental hypocrites drive cars full of toxic metals and chemicals!" about Prius drivers.

If the information in this article is correct, there's a bunch of cops who should be prosecuted and sued.  Absent all else, these two things should get people fired:
The unconscious man was transported to the hospital and placed on life support.  It was not until 4 days later that any family members were notified.  CBS reported that the detective who was responsible for notifying the family used the excuse that it was unnecessary because the patient “hadn’t died yet.”
Treavor says he had confidently assumed that an autopsy would be performed; it was also required by Florida law. However, with no logical explanation being offered, the police hurriedly shipped his body off to a funeral home and asked for it to be cremated, CBS reported. This was not only against police protocol but also against the law, and was done behind the backs of the surviving family members. By sheer luck and coincidence, the funeral home did not get to the cremation in a timely fashion — the body was there for 7 days.
Can't be seen as anything other than 'trying to get rid of the evidence'.

We're supposed to trust the police why, again?

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