Wednesday, July 09, 2014

You're disarmed because Joe Biden doesn't like commoners being armed

on his toy trains, and because "The Amtrak cops and DHS will protect you."

Not so much.
He then paused for a few moments, looked around and allegedly said, “I feel like killing someone.” Then, according to the witness, he proceeded to beat the victim with his fists until he was dead.
And, of course,
According to Breitbart Texas' original source, Amtrak security arrived at the scene within a minute or two, but it was too late. The witness described the victim’s face as “unrecognizable as a human face.”
I'm sure Uncle Joe will lecture anyone who desires to carry as to how we're too stupid/unskilled/untrustworthy to be allowed arms, and how if this victim, or someone else there, had been armed 'it wouldn't have done any good.'

Want to bet?

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