Friday, July 11, 2014

In Virginia is a DA named Claiborne Richardson,

who apparently is an idiot.  And needs to be removed from that office.

Not to mention some police who, since they apparently have actual crimes(vs. 'stupid teenagers being stupd') so under control that they have the time to screw around with this.  Also that the female was also sending nekkid pictures of herself, but she wasn't charged, and couldn't a lawyer who wanted to make hay with that?

Yes, Mexico is actively helping this mess.  Openly, now.  Wonder just what kind of sanctions could be done on this, assuming some politicians who have the balls to do so?

Also, some of what Mexico is helping shove over our border.

New Zealand wants to get rid of that troublesome 'innocent until proven guilty' and 'right to remain silent' stuff in some cases.  Guess which ones?
Both major parties claim the current system is not upholding justice for victims, and are looking at changes that would effectively make it easier for prosecutors to obtain convictions.

National wants to explore allowing a judge or jury to see an accused's refusal to give evidence in a negative light, while Labour wants to shift the burden of proof of consent from the alleged victim to the accused.

Hey, Connecticut, how's it feel to know your politicians are sending more jobs to another state?


Gerry N. said...

Since when has a single digit IQ been reason to sanction or fire a lawyer, especially a prosecutor?

markm said...

Gerry, you're being much too easy on him. Even with affirmative action admission, there are very few law schools you can get into without a 3-digit IQ (or faking your transcripts and hiring someone to take the LSAT's for you), and no way to pass the law classes and the bar without either being intelligent enough to benefit from thousands of hours of studying, or a whole lot more cheating.

It's not a defect of intelligence, but of the moral sense.