Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Wonder if the Architect of Obamacare has any ass left

after this?
If I didn't despise Gruber & Co. so, that would've been painful to watch.  "I was trying to seem smart/talking out my ass/very regretful/(fill in the blank)", on and on.
"You're a professor at MIT and you're worried about not seeming smart enough?"
Long pause.  "Yes."
"Well, you succeeded."

It's amazing, watching this arrogant clown trying to talk around it all with "I regret-".  Could've made it short and honest by saying "I regret you people found out about it.  Who do you think you are, causing problems for me?"  All we need is a John Effing Kerry "Don't you know who I am?"

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Richard H said...

Well, he still has a job.

I am as supportive of Gowdy that I'd like every state to have a Gowdy. Yet I am so weary of this dog and pony show. I want to see thee folks wearing orange jumpsuits for a very long time. Until then I remain entirely loathe of all the Congress critters.