Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Maybe feminism can handle it,

but a lot of feminists damn sure can't.
American campus feminists and the majority of people who write for mainstream websites are among the most privileged, the most protected, the freest people on the planet. It is unbecoming, and unproductive, to continue to cling to a sense of invincible unfreedom.
Feminism is not fragile. To borrow from Col. Nathan R. Jessup (Jack Nicholson), it can handle the truth, told straight. Sisterhood is powerful. Instead of devouring their own, feminists should use that power against the real enemies.
Yes, they are; but that sense of invincible unfreedom is HUGELY valuable to them; it defines them, and it gives them power to make demands.  They'll never willingly give it up, no matter how much damage it and they cause.

On the Rolling Stone hit piece:
Here’s something that’s also sort of “unfair:” not talking to seven unconvicted, alleged criminals about their involvement in a purported horrendous crime! It is not rude, shaming, or belittling to seek quotes from alleged rapists. Actually, it is what a responsible journalist does, even when it makes said journalist’s source uneasy. And if making a source uneasy makes a journalist uneasy, it’s time for the journalist in question to find another profession.
It is remarkable and depressing how many SlutWalkers, members of The Progressive Internet, and Earnest Feminists, believe that good reporting somehow equates to victim shaming. If you believe that putting the screws to alleged rapists is somehow anti-feminist then you are an intellectual dwarf.

Awful lot of dwarves out there; and these can't produce anything but outrage and hate.

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