Thursday, December 11, 2014

"It's not ALL lives matter", it's BLACK lives matter!

Now we're offended with YOU, you insensitive racist bitch!"

The campii are populated by a bunch of whiny, bitchy little grievance-mongers who're in for a real shock when they go outside the walls of academia.

In case you weren't aware, that 'gang-rape at UVA!!' story has fallen further apart.  If Rolling Stone had any integrity(let alone brains) they'd flat-out apologize for screwing up and tell Erdley never to darken their door again.

They won't; they'll try to keep pushing the Preferred Narrative™ as long as they can, and since naming this journalist as a incompetent or corrupt clown would get them yelled at for 'victim-blaming a female' or something, they won't.  Unless the number of zeroes on the check starts getting too large.

Yes, the latest shocking revelations about Sabrina Rubin Erdely and Rolling Stone’s journalism are stunning. They really, really messed up. Even more than we previously realized. They should receive every bit of oppobrium coming their way. But they should not be the scapegoat for a problem that is riddled throughout journalism. Waving it away in denial, as Packer tries to do, only announces one’s cluelessness.

You can tell Clinton's in trouble; even the AP is getting tired of the "You'll get your documents.  Sometime." attitude from the State Dept.

As Tam put it, cops better get used to the idea that when they're in the performance of their duties(or abuse thereof), there's likely to be a camera around

And- especially with 'upload while recording' available, even if they- ILLEGALLY- seize the camera and delete- or try to- the recording, there's still a record.  Which WILL be used against them.

People have been yelling about ISIL taking and selling women and girls as slaves(after murdering all the males, of course) for freakin' MONTHS, and Ma'am Boxer 'just learned about it'?  What the hell rock has she been hiding under?

Media Matters sucks.

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skybill said...

'About the "headliner," "It's not ALL lives natter, it's BLACK lives matter!"...Well, lets get something straight here. You and I really know that what they "REALLY" wanted to say is that, ".....,it's 'J-U-S-T' Black lives matter!!!!!!!" They couldn't give a rats' a** about the rest of us!!!!!
As the late Frank Gallop would say,"R-E-A-L-L-Y!!!!!!!"
Got Gunz??,