Wednesday, December 10, 2014

A paragraph of "Of COURSE rape on campus is a massive problem,

with lots of cases unreported!" followed by "What the hell is WRONG with Dunham and Random House?", and finally gets to the fact that falsely accusing someone of rape is a Bad Thing To Do.
Wonder how many zeroes will be on the check they finally have to write?

While all the usual people are repeating the 'Of COURSE it's an epidemic!' crap, I've got some questions:
How many of those rapes and attempted rapes are feminist rapes("I was drunk/I regret it/He kissed me without permission/I didn't want attention from HIM!)?  They've expanded the definition of 'rape' to include so much crap that- if all were equal- a woman touching a man on the arm to express interest could be accused of raping him, or making a sexual assault.  Then you have stuff like this someone found on Bookface:

Yes, it happens.

One of the things that really pisses me off about this?  Rape is a nasty, horrible crime that deserves nasty, horrible punishment.  And every time some bitch screams 'RAPE!' because of regrets or stupid or "I have the power to destroy people, and I want to use it!" it makes it harder to filter out and deal with the real crimes.

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