Sunday, December 07, 2014

Tab clearing

Senior officials at the Social Security Administration (SSA) tried to hide a damning report on a $300 million computer system that lawmakers have called a “boondoggle” in order to protect President Obama’s nominee to lead the agency, a whistleblower claimed in an interview with

Ignore all the other progressive crap: they admit the reason they want Murthy as Surgeon General is to attack the 2nd Amendment.
The debate is over for now — it was indeed over long before the Sandy Hook massacre — and no more room exists even for a mild piece of legislation, like an assault-weapons ban, that might have done a little good but that mostly makes gun-control liberals feel better about themselves. Yet if we remove the debate from a gun context, if we approach our epidemic of gun violence from the point of view of a doctor serving the health and welfare of all Americans — well, that changes things. Or could if Murthy is given a chance.
'Nobody wants to take your guns!' my ass.

Linked to this piece once before, but worth linking again if you've missed it before: Street robberies, the basics

Our noble AG really has a soft spot for the Black Panthers, doesn't he?  Wonder how many people it'll get killed...

Ayoob has some posts on Ferguson.  Haven't read them yet, need to get to that.

Once more, hippies: yes, Hitler & Co. were socialists.  Deal with it.

More on the most recent massacre in Mexico(that I know of, at least).
But the government sure as hell doesn't want the honest commoners having arms; THAT would be destabilizing, or something.

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