Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Tab clearing

President Lightbringer and John Effing Kerry want a authorization for use of force.  With no limits, and 'Don't ask any questions, just do it.'

I'll consider believing in AGW when these assholes start acting like they really do.

"We want a discussion, so we're shutting off comments."   Morons.

That '1 in 5 college women are raped' study?  Bullshit, says the authors.

Good idea: I suggest it also be applied to prosecutors.

I loathe and despise Sharpton, and his enablers.  If someone considered 'right-wing' had done a fraction of the crap he has, he'd be lucky to see his name in print; Sharpton does all this, and MSNBC gives him a show and Obama has him to the White House.

Yeah, the Usual Suspects don't care about this rape problem.

Personal thing: how do you know when a part solves a problem, and lots of people have it?  When every bloody supplier you can find is backordered.

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