Wednesday, November 26, 2014

"Yeah, it's expensive and a lot of degrees are worthless, but

you've GOT to go to college!"

I notice no note is taken of how you'll pay off those horrendous student loans while slowly working toward a place where that degree might actually pay off.

As a result, the demand for well-educated workers in the United States seems to have peaked around 2000 and fallen since. But the supply of well-educated workers has continued to grow.
Considering a lot of graduates aren't capable of actually DOING anything, just how 'well-educated' should they be considered?  Especially if the degree is in '(fill in the blank) Studies'?

Gee, how about knocking off the 'You're only well-educated from a college degree' and acknowledge there are a LOT of vital and well-paying jobs that require an education in actually DOING SOMETHING(welder, electrician, carpenter, just keep adding to the list) as opposed to spending five years in a college building up debt and getting the proper leftist agenda?*

Of course, these are jobs that clowns like this generally look down on because you get dirty and sweaty doing them.  Which, actually, is another point in their favor.

*Yes, I know engineering and medicine and such require higher-level training; that's not the classes I'm talking about and you know it.

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