Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Tab clearing

If this is true, both Obama and the governor need their ass kicked.

If you thought meat and fat were better for you than man-made fats and carbohydrates, looks like you're (again) proven right.

Yeah, the stepdad is a real piece of work.  And other bullshit being pushed/you're not being told about Ferguson.

So what else are they playing games with in this inquiry?
But a controversial Committee report asserts the CIA did not make “unauthorized” arms shipments to the Syrian rebels,...
My, doesn't that make questions spring to mind?

Damn.  If true, makes the mess even uglier.

Translation: "This mess is REAL unpopular, I need to put some space between it and myself!"

The Lightbringer admits he violated the Constitution.  This better be in every court case and every Congressional action.

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