Sunday, November 23, 2014

Another university loses its ass over this 'accused equals guilty' crap

Swarthmore College in Pennsylvania has settled a lawsuit brought by a student accused of sexual assault, admitting the school acted unfairly in charging the student.
There will be more.  And, sooner or later, some guy who's been screwed out of a job or something is going to go after damages.  That'll be fun.

A court case dealing with LE and stingray.  And this time the documents came out.
According to the Charlotte Observer, the records seem to suggest that judges likely did not fully understand what they were authorizing. Law enforcement agencies nationwide have taken extraordinary steps to preserve stingray secrecy. As recently as this week, prosecutors in a Baltimore robbery case dropped key evidence that stemmed from stingray use rather than fully disclose how the device was used.

The newspaper also reported on Friday that the Mecklenburg County District Attorney’s office, which astonishingly had also never previously seen the applications filed by the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department (CMPD), will now review them and determine which records also need to be shared with defense attorneys. Criminals could potentially file new claims challenging their convictions on the grounds that not all evidence was disclosed to them at the time.
A: Isn't it unethical and/or a crime to lie to a judge to get a court order?
B: This isn't the NSA trying to hide stuff from the chicoms or Russians; this 'dump the evidence so we don't have to testify how we got it' stuff is crap.
C: If the prosecutors withheld exculpatory evidence to hide this stuff, that IS a crime.  And they should be prosecuted for it.

Worse still, local cops have lied to courts (at the direction of the United States Marshals Service) about the use of such technology. Not only can stingrays be used to determine a phone’s location, but they can also intercept calls and text messages. While they do target specific phones, they also sweep up cell data of innocents nearby who have no idea that such data collection is taking place.
Perjury.  And the MS TELLING them to commit perjury?  More crimes, for which they should be prosecuted.

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